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All the treatments that we have on offer in detail as to what they are, what they include and how theyll benifit you

Eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions are false eyelash enhancements, each different style means different amount of false lashes added onto the natural lashes but before every exstention treatment your natural lashes are examined to ensure false lashes that are too heavy for the natural lash are not being applied, all eyelash extension sets will look completely different on on different people as everyones natural lashes vary from fullness to strength.

CLASSIC LASHES- this style of lashe is one single lash exstention to one single natural lash to create a really light natural set, the fuller your natural lashes are the fuller your eyelash exstension set will be.

HYBRID LASHES- this style of lash is one single lash exstension one every other natural lash and a fan made from lash exstentions on the other natural lashes depending on the fullness desired by the client the amount of single lash exstentions in the fan.

RUSSIAN LASHES- this style of lash is one lash exstension fan on every natural desired on the desired fullness depends on the amount of single extensions in the fan, again the fuller your natural lashes are the fuller your set will be your natural lashes wont be overloaded as this will cause discomfort.


EYELASH TINT- this is an enhancement of your natural lashes, tinting to make them appear darker and have that mascare look all the time.

EYELASH LIFT- this is also an enhancement of your natural lashes making them look longer by lifting them,tinting them is also included in this treatment but not required if preffered not,make sure to book the package "lash lift and tint" its the same price just allocates more time.


EYEBROW TINT- this treatment is an enhancement of your natural brow hairs making them appear darker like they're "filled in" all the time 

EYEBROW LAMINATION- the treatment is also a natural enhancement creating a "soap brow" look which is where the brow hairs are lifted into one place.


GEL NAILS- This is a nail enhancing treatment to work with your nails to look after them while being a lovely colour too!

BIAB- also known as builder gel is a stronger thicker gel that is longer lasting while strengthening your nails, again with a lovely colour or just nail art!



DIAMOND MICRODERMABRASION- this is a deep exfoliating facial, with a hot hammer head your pores are pores are openedthen with the ultrasonic skin scrubber which vibrates to pull all impurites out, the vacuum with the diamond head which is different to each facial and person dependent on your skin and how sensitive it is. This deeply exfoliates all deadskin and pulls into the vacuum onto your filter along with all leftover impurities. A smaller head can be used to focus in on other impurities such as fine lines, hyperpigmentation and stretch mark, not just on your face!  before the facials finished a lovely colagen gel massaged into the face, this boots elasticty making your face and skin more plump, the facial then finishes with moisturiser and a cold hammer head to close your pores, so you can go straight back to your day to day life straight away.

EXPRESS FACIAL - this facial is just a stripped back to basics facial to have a look at your skin to ensure what you doing at home is correct and most benificial for you. This facial consits off a cleanse to remove any makeup, dirt or debris left on the skin then a toner to make sure all is removed this ensures the facial isnt cancellin g its self out due to leftover debris. A skin anayalsis will then be taken place so we can then use products best suited to you and your skin and nothing that would be harmful to your skin.


We offer all types of waxing from underarm to bikini, waxing is so much better than shaving as waxing removes all hair from the root meaning it takes longer to grow back and the more the hairs waxed the longer and longer it willtake to grow back as it will slow down the regrowth cycle.

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